Greetings LOCAL Fans!

We are approaching our six month mark – we can’t believe it either!  With lots of trial and error, incredible feedback from our customers, staff and suppliers we’ve decided to slim down to one, all day menu.

Say what???

You want an $8 BLT for dinner?  You got it.  You’re feeling a big ol’ steak for lunch?  Done.  Our daily soup, risotto, ravioli and fish specials are still on deck – and you get to choose if you want a light or regular portion all day long.  You can choose from soup, salad or truffle chips to go with that Super Yummy Chicken Pita.  And you can have a cupcake for here or to go.  You have our permission.

You’ve shown us how you would like to be fed – and we are happy to oblige.  The link for the new/old menu is below.  Enjoy dear diners – we look forward to seeing you soon!