So much asparagus, so little time.



Provence, Alsace, Etauliers, NORMAN.   France doesn’t hold the deed to an Asparagus Festival.  This week at LOCAL we have at least four farms banging down our kitchen door with buckets, sacks, and bundles of fresh asparagus.

What a delightful vegetable – easily adaptable to all forms of cooking.  Saute – cream – grill – chill – you name it and the accommodating asparagus happily yields its spring green flavor to your dish.

Find it this week at LOCAL as a surprising side dish.  Give it a happy wink as it shows up in the Farmer’s Market Salad.  Wonder at the risotto:  Asparagus and Truffle with a grilled Portobello mushroom.  Delight at our creamy bisque:  Asparagus, Leek and Goat Cheese.

Last week we reveled in the bumper crop of Morel Mushrooms.  Now Asparagus is ready.  Eating seasonally has never been so tasty – or so easy.  See you at LOCAL.